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Finding the right business partner 

Maximising social impact

Facilitating the collaboration of multiple organisations across different industries and sectors to achieve a common social goal (collective impact)

Bringing investors into the partnership

Solving social issues while making a profit  (shared value)

Creatively problem solving for your own ecosystem within a global context (Be local, act global)

Partnering about continuous innovation and sustainable funding

We can put together a first class project team for your opportunity    


Our expertise

Lisa Siganto has advised businesses since 1987 and not for profits since 2002. Her focus is on creating social impact.

Lisa's extensive network of exceptionally talented people are looking for opportunities to join in partnering with you to solve for social impact.

This very talented skill base of people in Lisa's networks, who she has worked with closely, includes the current topical areas of Shared Value, Impact Investing, Collective Impact and also Strategy in the Digital world of Disruption (buzz words we know but there we have it)

We have local, Australian and global connections


The meaning of shorebirds

This company has a global view while supporting local ecosystems of partnerships.

Shorebirds fly globally across hemispheres to feed and nest. They are an integral partner in their local ecosystems on shorelines like Australian beaches.

We can't solve business and social issues on our own. We need to partner together

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Better yet, see us in person to share ideas around our boardroom table. Good coffee is always on.

We love working with partners, so feel free to visit. The RBWH bus expressway is beside us, metered parking is available 9-4 and after 7pm and we're just a $7.50 Uber from town.

Shorebirds - Positive Partnerships

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